Zenlx GloRise Natural Wake Up Sleep Mask

  • How to find the best fit?

    Experiment with different sizes until you find the perfect fit. If they're uncomfortable, go down a size; if you don’t feel secure, go up a size. Remember to follow the wearing instructions for proper positioning. Improper fitting can lead to underperformance of the product. Reach out to our customer service at hello@zenlx.net or WhatsApp us, if you continue to have trouble fitting the ear plugs or find them ineffective.

  • When and how to replace the acoustic filter?

    We offer a lower decibel (dB) option to those who wish to hear some sounds, but would still like to reduce noises. The filter set comes in a different color to provide you with a stylish alternative. To replace the filter, carefully remove the original acoustic filter and insert the new one, ensuring it is in the correct orientation (front side has a larger circular opening).

  • How to clean the ear plugs?

    Simply wipe them clean with a moistened cloth. Avoid using alcohol-based wipes or any harsh cleaning agents. Our earplugs can also be rinsed with water (yes, you don’t have to remove the acoustic filters). Ensure that they are thoroughly dried prior to use.